Purchase 3 Years cover for $50.00 per item*

It only costs $50 inc GST for 3 years cover, with no excess payable. The policy limit of $1,000 covers you for at least one claim during the 3 year period. If the policy limit is exhausted you are able to take out a new policy to protect your equipment.

  • An item refers to each individual piece of Equipment.   For example a Laptop and a separate External Hard Drive would be considered as 2 individual items.
  • Equipment means desktop computers, laptops and tablet computers containing a single mechanical storage device (hard drive) or a solid state drive (SSD); USB external units containing mechanical storage device (hard drive); cameras and video recording devices containing mechanical storage media or solid state media; USB Thumb Drives. Equipment does not include dongles or other devices where a software program is embedded in the device and not able to be separately purchased.