Laptop Insurance

Laptops are frequently stolen, and many suffer from accidental damage.

Statistics show that at least 50,000 laptops are stolen each year in Australia - that's one every 10 minutes?

Any there are even more incidents of accidental damage through dropping, tripping over cables, liquid spills etc.

Mobile equipment is at its most vulnerable when you are traveling. Unfortunately most home and business policies do not cover theft and damage that occurs outside the home or office environment, and this is exactly when you are most likely to need insurance protection.

Why choose Covertec?

The team at Covertec has focused on insuring electronic equipment since 1990. Our specialised cover is much broader than a normal policy:

  • Worldwide cover 28 days per trip (extendable)
  • Theft Cover
  • Accidental damage cover
  • Covered in Transit
  • Cover for theft out of a vehicle
  • Excess from $100
  • Use your own repairer
  • 48 hour claim turnaround time (95% of claims)
  • Underwritten by Chubb Insurance

Our policy will pay for replacement or repair of your equipment.   In the event of a valid claim Covertec will make sure you are up and running with new or repaired equipment as quickly as possible.

Many of the features of our cover are not available as part of a normal home or office policy.