Static Office and Medical Equipment Insurance

As the level of technology in the office and medical environment increases, the value at risk also becomes larger.   A specialised insurance policy is one solution to prevent unforeseen costs.  
Offices, medical surgeries and consulting rooms are often viewed as a soft target for thieves.   In addition the risk of accidental damage is high.    Covertec can help to preserve valuable funds by protecting these assets.

Why choose Covertec?

The team at Covertec has focused on insuring electronic equipment since 1990. Our specialised cover is much broader than a normal policy:

  • Competitive policy terms
  • Unparalleled experience
  • Independence - irrespective of reseller or financier
  • Cover up to 3 years at a fixed price
  • Accidental damage cover
  • Theft cover
  • Cover throughout Australia
  • Low excess
  • Excess from $100
  • Use your own repairer
  • 48 hour claim turnaround time (95% of claims)
  • Underwritten by Chubb Insurance

Our policy will pay for replacement (new for old) or repair of your equipment.   In the event of a valid claim Covertec will make sure you are up and running with new or repaired equipment as quickly as possible.